Caft între antrenorii din EPL


O camera, cei douăzeci de antrenori din EPL şi un regulament: cine nu se bagă în încăierare primeşte o penalizare de 5 puncte, last man standing primeşte 10 puncte bonus.

De aici, Steven Chicken se oferă să ne transmită, om cu om, cum a decurs caftul.

De gust:

“With everyone still taking in Emery’s brutal elimination, Benitez receives a thumb to the eye from an unseen assailant. ‘Fuck this’, he thinks”


“Mourinho thinks he’s gotten away with gouging Benitez square in the eye and skips away gleefully, only to run heftily into the stock-still Sean Dyche, who was watching him all along. Uh-oh.”

şi încă

“Completely unfazed by Mourinho’s petty attempts to pin the blame on him, Guardiola starts brawling, but like Hodgson, the days when he might have been able to handle this are long gone;”

Revealed: how every PL manager would fare in a brawl

Vă las pe voi să aflaţi cine a câştigat cele 10 puncte şi cine a luat penalizarea de 5. 😀


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