Serena: mai întâi tenis şi apoi fashion


Am citit ieri un articol interesant în despre Serena Williams şi aspiraţiile ei după ce termină de stabilit toate recordurile din tenis.

Previzibil, va ataca domeniul modei unde speră că va avea acelaşi succes pe care l-a avut în tenis. Discutabil, în tenis a avut un avantaj mare faţă de colegele de competiţii, avantaj care nu o va mai ajuta în noua carieră. Oricum, sor-sa e deja prezentă acolo cu brandul EleVen – cu prestaţii relativ bune; dar mai degrabă afacerea din domeniul designului de interior pare mai solidă.

Povestea trece prin fazele importante ale carierei sale/lor de la

You may have heard that Richard was watching TV when he saw a Romanian player win $40,000, at which point he decided to learn a game he knew nothing about, teach this “sissy sport” to his athletic wife, Oracene, and conceive two children whom the Williamses would together turn into champions.


Serena’s onboard-ness, her total and unquestioning obedience to her father’s vision, is best illustrated by an anecdote she tells in her autobiography, On the Line, in which her father walks around the corner to get sports drinks mid-practice, leaving the girls alone with a basket full of tennis balls and a sack of oranges for a snack. Nine-year-old Serena impishly tosses up some oranges and serves them over the net, to her father’s consternation. End of story.

şi până la

When Serena and Venus are called “masculine,” when they are accused of having been born male, when the head of the Russian Tennis Federation calls them “the Williams brothers,” it is not meant as a compliment. This impulse may also explain why Serena Williams, who has prevailed over Maria Sharapova 18 times and fallen to her only twice, makes less in endorsements than her blonde Russian counterpart

Se ajunge inclusiv la vestitul incident de la Indian Wells, lăsat cu un boicot prelungit al surorilor Williams asupra turneului, boicot ridicat de Serena anul acesta – probabil pentru că e ultimul an al carierei.


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